Gift Voucher

Gift Voucher

Price: 13,00 EUR
Each visit is €13 per person. You can request voucher for as many people as you wish. we will send completed voucher to you on receipt of your request

Home Made Alpaca Toy

Price: 12,00 EUR
Hand made Alpaca Toys. Cut from Felt. Hand stitched and filled with the beautiful fibre from our own alpacas. Colours Available: Black White Grey ( Light or Dark) Cream Fawn Brown ( Light or Dark) Pink If you would like particular colours please state in the comments section of the ordering form.

Alpaca Autobiography: Bronson of Hilltop Farm Alpa

Price: 7,50 EUR
Bronson's Autobiography €5 PLUS P+P €2.50 This is Ireland's first Alpaca Autobiography. It is his story from birth up to the age of three where quite a lot has happened. Read what he has to say about himself and his owners and how his life has panned out for him right up to the age of just over three years of age.

Hand Knitted Ladies Pure Alpaca Wool Dress Hat

Price: 45,00 EUR
Main Hat is light fawn. Knitted Bow is almost black. Both colours are natural. Hand knitted

Hand Knitted Over-Sized Pure Alpaca Wool Hat

Price: 48,00 EUR
Over-sized woollen hat, hand knitted in light fawn and black alpaca wool.