What We Offer & Reservation Form

We are situated in a quiet area where the only sound is that of distant farm machinery, of birds whistling optimistically, and alpacas walking through and eating the lush grass of Hilltop Farm. Because of our serene location, we are in a position to offer walks with our alpacas on the lane or down our recently upgtaded trekking area down through an avenue of old trees and bushes. Between meeting the animals and walking some of them, the visit could last up to an hour, but that depends on the individual group. It can be as short as you want it to be. The cost of this trek and visit is whatever the visitor feels it was worth, but I have to say that I have seen some people leaving here and wanting to bring some of the animals with them because the enjoyment they got from it.

We also bring some of our boys to Nursing Homes and the reaction on the faces of the residents when they see them coming in is heart-warming. The boys walk through the Homes and let the people rub them down and pet them.

We have recently started renting some of our alpacas out for weddings and birthday parties and the reaction to this has been unbelievable each time.

If you are interested in coming to see our alpacas or having our alpacas visit your special even, please contact us at 087 9627428 or just send us a message on the 'Contact Me' page on this site.

Hope to see you soon!